A limited range of customers are invited to own their own bespoke crocodile skin card holder, inlaid with gold and gemstones and handmade to order. If you love style and luxury, this is the accessory that you have been waiting for.

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Introducing the most impeccable fine leather goods...

Still forming the cornerstone of the brand's collection, the Austin Eszcori crocodile skin card holder boasts 40 grams of solid 18 carat gold or platinum at a weight of 50 grams, complemented with 1.1 cts of precious stones - the ultimate in exclusive accessories. Our customers may have a number of leather card holders, but none have yet experienced the thrill of owning one which is inset with precious gems and pure gold!

Artisan production values

Every item is handmade to order and entirely bespoke, produced by artisan craftspeople here in England. Expert leather workers craft the card holder from fine crocodile skin, and the finest jewelers inlay the gemstones, gold and platinum that really make this piece stand out from the crowd. A huge amount of attention, passion and skill is put into the production of each piece, representing an investment that will last you for a lifetime.

You will adore the look and feel of this beautiful, timeless piece. Made in timeless black, rich burgundy or fashion-forward electric blue, the crocodile skin feels smooth and sensuous to touch, and is incredibly soft and supple. The piece is designed to hold your credit cards and provide a slick, streamlined finish. 

Lift it from the handmade presentation box, and the band of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum to the reverse catches the light with its inlaid gems - whether you've selected rubies, sapphires, black diamonds, white diamonds, yellow diamonds or green sapphires.

Spin the card holder over and you'll be stunned by the dual gold or platinum strips, sparkling with their precious stones and catching the eye as the light reveals their lustre and colour. The piece also bears the Austin Eszcori brand, presented in solid gold, and soon to be a well-known brand in the high-end designer accessories market.

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This card holder is seriously designed to impress without being ostentatious. The precious metal and gem embellishments are luxurious and bold, whilst being tasteful and playful. The finished piece is the perfect mix of classic style, perfect functionality and surprising twists and will certainly be a talking piece when you present it for payment.

This piece is ideal for a number of occasions, and offers you the chance to select your desired aesthetic.
What is your chosen combination of leather, precious metal and gem? 

The electric blue, gold and sapphire version is perfect for a night out on the town, enjoying some cocktails and maybe hitting a club in the small hours! It is bold, fun and eye-catching - and guaranteed to start conversations. 

The timeless black version with rose or yellow gold and diamonds offers a more traditional aesthetic. Use it when dressing up for more formal occasions, and to show your sense of playfulness and style when enjoying your social events. 

Regardless of the customisation that you choose, and however you choose to use it, your bespoke Austin Eszcori crocodile card holder will be the envy of everyone who spots it.