We exist to produce fine leather goods and accessories for customers who appreciate the finer things in life: traditional values, fine aesthetics and Britain's own incredible craft heritage. Our brand seeks to encompass that love of beauty and a desire to stand out from the pack with accessories which combine timeless foundations with surprising modern twists.


We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely delighted with their new product and feel truly engaged with the Austin Eszcori brand. We are at all times highly discreet and attentive, recognising that our clients tend to be high net worth individuals with limited time on their hands. Our service is always smooth and our products impeccable.

You've heard about the brand, and you've seen the beautiful products on sale - now prepare to be amazed by the story of the young man behind the vision!

Our eponymous collection was set up by a high-flying young entrepreneur with his sights firmly set on the world of luxury goods, and a lover of timeless style himself.

At the tender age of just 16, Austin first started the business, determined to bring new and unique products to the luxury goods market and designing his very first bestseller in the same year.

Since then, Austin has designed a range of new products to develop the brand, and the company goes from strength to strength. It has attracted strong interest from a number of fashion periodicals and style pundits, and yet seeks to remain a niche and high-end offer for a tightly defined group of customers rather than appealing to the mass market.

Austin Eszcori is a brand synonymous with luxury and quality, and it only sells directly to a limited client list on an individual basis, rather than through retail outlets.

the foundation piece

Austin's vision was to incorporate precious gems and metals into the accessories used everyday elevating them from functional items, to pieces of usable art that signal the owner's taste and love of the finer things in life.

Our location

The Austin Eszcori business is based in the South of England, by Goodwood - an area synonymous with luxury and wealth. We are committed to our British manufacturing ethos and proudly support our fine craft heritage by investing in home-grown talent. We are a small but growing brand which welcomes customers to our premises by appointment.

A beautiful presentation box

The commitment to craft is continued right through to presentation, with a handmade gift box that beautifully sets off the piece and makes it ideal for gifting - for a loved one, or for yourself! In fact, we often find that our customers end up buying one for their loved one, and a second for their own private collection.